Executive Education in Business Sustainability

The Diploma in Advanced Sustainability (DAS) and the Certificate in Business Sustainability (CAS) enable participants to comprehend and respond to global challenges from the perspective of business as a force for good.

Executive Programs Overview

Start & duration

Certificate in Business Sustainability

Diploma in Advanced Sustainability

Every September; pre-course work starts in early-September and the first course module in late September.

 The program lasts 10-months part-time, consisting of 13 modules of 2-days, taught in 7 sessions of 2 days and 3 sessions of 4 days. 

Every January; pre-course work starts in December and the first module in mid January.

The program lasts 10-month part-time, consisting of 6 modules of 2-days, taught in 6 sessions and an independent project. 

Study time & location

The program entails 13 modules with 16 hours in-class and about 15 hours of individual pre- and post-course work. Plus 200 hours for the consulting project.

Total workload: 600 hours.

The modules take place across Switzerland in inspiring places. 

The program entails 6 modules with 16 hours in-class and about 15 hours of individual pre- and post-course work. Plus 100 hours for the consulting project.

Total workload: 300 hours.

Either on location around Switzerland or online: we welcome participants from Switzerland and around the world. 

Degree & credits

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

The Diploma represents 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). 

Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS)

The Certificate represents 15 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Program fee

The program costs CHF 18'000


Course material, location expenses and lunches are included.

Individual travel expenses to the locations, overnight stay and dinners are not included.

No scholarships or discounts available.

The program costs CHF 9'000


Course material, location expenses and lunches are included.

Individual travel expenses to the locations, overnight stay and dinners are not included.


No scholarships or discounts available.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead


Business Sustainability Leadership Programs

We are offering three types of programs:

  • The Diploma in Advanced Sustainability (DAS = 30 ECTS)

  • The Certificate in Business Sustainability (CAS = 15 ETCS)

  • Online Master classes (without ECTS) 

The two Degree Programs run annually, starting in September (DAS) or January (CAS) and are limited to a carefully selected group of 12-18 participants. The programs typically fills quickly. 

Our Sustainability Leadership programs are endorsed by the World Business Council of Sustainable Development (WBCSD) since its foundation in 2011, and of the UN Global Compact Switzterland & Liechtenstein since 2020. The program has been run in cooperation with different educational institutions such as Business School Lausanne in the early years, and the Institute for Economy and the Environment at University of St.Gallen.

The 10-months, part-time executive program Diploma in Advanced Sustainability (DAS) includes subject knowledge in the field of sustainable business, leading change and project management experience. Participants who have successfully completed the program are awarded a Diploma in Advanced Sustainability (DAS) by the independent Institute for Business Sustainability.

We also propose a lighter certificate option which starts every January and completes in October each year: our Certificate in Business Sustainability (CAS), which includes 6 modules and a personal study project in positive impact. It is designed for seasoned changemakers and sustainability professionals looking to round off their experience with targeted modules and a project to clarify their personal impact journey. It is open for participants who are interested to join us from further away and/or are looking for an online participation

Discover below all the information concerning the DAS program in business sustainability and CAS program in business sustainability. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Learning Perspectives

Rather than looking at sustainability from the business perspective alone, the program approaches business sustainability, change and social innovations  from three different perspectives:

1. Global challenges

Understanding the sustainability challenges we, as a global community are facing today and in the coming decades.

2. Strategic implications

Evaluating how business can contribute to resolve them through innovative strategies.

3. Business impact

Translating business sustainability strategies across business functions.

Executive Programs: Learning Perspectives

​​Learning Dimensions

The competencies of participants are developed in three different domains, which the program integrates with the different learning perspectives.

1. Subject competences

Exposure to the best current knowledge in the global and business sustainability fields provides the foundation for understanding and managing the sustainability challenges.

2. Leading change skills

Implementation and change management skills are critical to bring sustainability to business. To ensure this, the “Leading Change” dimension forms an integral part of the program.

3. Project experience*

Sustainability projects are conducted in a collaborative work space and form the backbone of the program. These projects are conducted in collaboration with companies, communities or NGOs. Learning across the program is applied to these projects step-by-step. They qualify participants as professionals in sustainable business.


​* In the CAS, the leading change skills and the project experience are combined in a personal impact project that a participant works on independently with support from our leadership coaches. 


Programs Modules

Diploma in Advanced Sustainability (DAS)

Certificate in Business Sustainability (CAS)

Sustainability  and Leading Change Modules (13)

  1. The Big Picture of Sustainability Challenges

  2. Leading Change I: Introduction and Framing

  3. Business Sustainability in Changing Regulatory and Market Environments

  4. Sustainability Innovation for the SDGs

  5. Leading Change II: Developing & Deepening

  6. Responsible Leadership & Global Stakeholders

  7. Sustainable Supply Chains & Circular Economy

  8. Sustainability Marketing & Communication

  9. Measuring Sustainability Performance

  10. Leading Change III: Understanding & Applying

  11. Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing

  12. Social Entrepreneur- and Intrapreneurship

  13. Leading Change IV & Final Project Presentation

Consulting Project

A concrete application project of external consulting in the area of business sustainability

Sustainability Modules (6)*

  1. Sustainability Marketing & Communications

  2. Making Supply Chains Sustainable

  3. Measuring Sustainability Performance   

  4. Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing

  5. Social Entrepreneur- and Intrapreneurship

  6. Business Sustainability in Changing Regulatory and  Market Environments

*  It is possible on a case-by-case basis to tailor-make the six modules by replacing the above with some other DAS modules. This is discussed during the application process.

Personal Impact Project 

Combining leadership with impact through an accompanied self-defined project work

Participant Profile Alumni

This program is for you if you are looking for a high impact, transformational experience.

We seek to open up new avenues of possibilities, preparing participants for a future that is emerging.

Are our programs for you?

Our Sustainability Leadership programs are suitable for experienced professionals with a university degree (or equivalent) and at least 5 years of relevant work experience.


Our participants have an affinity for personal development, social innovations and self-reflection, and are eager to become change agents for a better world.

Do you want to:


  • Develop your skills to work in the sustainability field as a specialist in business, public office or nongovernmental organizations.

  • Work in an existing or new business that embraces sustainability through innovative products or services; or independently as a consultant or entrepreneur.

  • Integrate sustainability into your existing area of responsibility or into main line functions such as product or project development, sourcing, operations, marketing or communications.

  • Become an expert in the field, as a sustainability officer, sustainability analyst, sustainability consultant, in sustainability integrated business development or project management.


  • Gaining exposure to organizations, thought leaders and projects in sustainability.

  • Connecting with other professionals in the developing sustainability field.

  • Re-orienting your career and prepare yourself for future, emerging jobs.

  • Making a relevant contribution through your professional engagement.

Participants Profile








% of participants


What Alumni say about the programs

What makes this program so unique is the profound project and in-class learning experience in exchange and interaction with the program participants and the professors. An unbelievably beautiful journey, which enriched me in many ways.

Roman Troxler

The project added important dimensions of learning, allowing to practice the sustainability theory learned in class. Combining the project work with the leading change modules provided invaluable time for reflection. My highest personal learning came from the soft skills of understanding resistance and discussing the “road block”.

Linnea Peterson

Last week I finished the program studies. Today I am proud to be part of the DAS family and the even greater family of change makers willing to steer our transformational journey towards a truly sustainable society.

Diego Horcajada

I cannot begin to tell you how much this program has changed me.

I feel privileged to have been part of it.

Ruth Brown