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About Katrin Muff

I love to inspire thinking by providing a new, broader way of looking at a current challenge. The positive impact reframing is a great enabler for such inspiration. 

I focus on: 

  • Consulting change-ready organizations to accompany their transformation towards higher purpose,

  • Keynote speaching inspiring audiences to see new opportunities to create a positive impact

  • Researching the underlying factors that enable an individual and organizational mindset shift ​

  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder projects solving wicked societal challenges

  • Creating safe learning spaces* for the next generation of change agents in universities. (* teaching)

I am passionate about creating relevant content and processes by working with companies and in co-creative projects, and by prototyping solution real-time.


Senior Advisor & Consultant
Creating space for strategic innovations & conversations

I work with organizations of all kind and across all industries using a tailor-made approach for the challenge the organization is facing. I build on leading best practice from science and practice and use tools I have co-developed if and when appropriate, in service of a pragmatic solution. 

Some of these tools that I find valuable are featured on the references page. The purpose of many of them are to create the basis for a new kind of conversation among the involved leaders and teams, so that a new understanding and perspective can be jointly developed and a innovative solution emerges.

I work with teams of all kind along their transformative journey: 

  • new organizational structure

  • embedding sustainability

  • developing responsible leaders

To know more about my current projects and opinion on how to create more resilient companies by seizing today's opportunities and make a positive impact, watch my interview with Marteen Bouwhuis  from Chubb Risk Insigts.

Key note

Key Note Speaker & Panelist
Science-based inspiration

I deliver tailor-made inspirational key notes and contribute to insightful panel discussions on topics like:

  • The positive impact mindset

  • From net zero to positive impact

  • True business sustainability

  • The superpowers of co-creation

  • Business and the SDGs

  • Transformation

  • Self-organization

Recent Keynotes

October 26, 2023

Keynote “Positive Impact Leadership”

at the annual conference of öbu (the Swiss organization of the WBCSD) in Zurich, Switzerland

October 3, 2023

Keynote “From Net Zero to Positive Impact”

at the Annual Observatory of the SDGs in Portugal hosted by the Center for Responsible Business & Leadership, University of Católica-Lisbon in Lisbon, Portgual

May 25, 2023

Keynote Workshop “Leading the Sustainability Transformation”

at the EFMD Executive Academy in Prag, Czech Republi

May 12, 2023

Keynote “Mit dem richtigen Mindset zu einem positiven Impact"

at the annual meeting of the Swiss Pet Food Association (Verein für Heimtiernahrung) in Bern, Switzerland


April 25, 2023

Keynote “The Positive Impact Mindset” for Biogen Switzerland’s annual

Sustainability Day in Cham, Switzerland

September 22, 2022

Keynote at the Leaders’ Summit of the Swiss Sustainability Forum, Bern

Nachhaltigkeit als unternehmerische Chance - der Positive Impact Mindset

June 23, 2022

Keynote at EMEA Annual Accreditation Conference of AACSB, in Oslo Norway

The importance of purpose in business.

June 13, 2022

Keynote at EASD Conference in India (presented online)

A higher purpose as a basis for strategic innovation in business.

February 1, 2022

Keynote at Swiss Event Management Circle event im KKL, Luzern

Shifting from Net Zero to Positive Impact - Die Mindset Transformation von Unternehmen.

November 9, 2021

Keynote at Annual Partner Event, Salesforce Switzerland

Towards creating positive impact. The mindset needed to embrace sustainability as an opportunity rather than a risk. 

January 20, 2021

Keynote at the Agenda 2030 event in St.Gallen, Switzerland

How does a canton engage with various societal players in co-creation solutions that address the urgent SDG challenges? 

My keynote input provides the initial inspiration for the co-creation workshop. 

February 27, 2020

Keynote at the Circle17 day "Matchmaking for a Sustainable Transformation" in Vienna, Austria

In the SDG Decade-of-Action, the time is ripe for start-ups and business to co-create innovative solutions to our burning societal issues. But how? My speech provides a conceptual framework and practical insights.

November 26, 2019

Keynote at the RobeccaSAM annual sustainable investment summit in Geneva

Framing the challenge for investors and business in a fast changing world and how to assess the risks and opportunities of societal challenges including the SDGs.

More keynotes here. And examples for my panel contributions here

Katrin gave a very inspiring keynote presentation at our Robeco Sustainability Explore event, showing examples of SDG innovation in the corporate world. In additional, she also moderated our panel discussion on investor’s opportunities and challenges with impact investing strategies in a very engaged, dynamic and experienced way.

Jeremy Chapuis

Senior Sales Manager

RobecoSAM AG

Author & Thought Leader
Developing insights that enable positive change


I direct the Institute for Business Sustainability together with Thomas Dyllick. We conduct conceptual research in the area of business sustainability, individual and organizational transformation, stakeholder engagement and sustainability business strategy.

Business with its power to innovate is a key enabler to solve the Grand Challenges as defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Science based targets and collaborative multi-stakeholder change processes are central in creating such new pathways. The SDGs can become a pathway for business to be celebrated for its contributions to society. This would require, however, new approaches in management and leadership thinking.


Enabling this shift is what I am truly passionate about. Responsible leaders are capable of strategically orienting their organizations to create sustainable value that sustains them long-term and ideally addresses critical societal or environmental issues. Innovation in the social field and social entrepreneurship are becoming inseparable elements of a future-oriented corporate governance and strategy.


Sustainable development affects corporate strategy and requires a closer engagement with stakeholders. The ability to cooperate beyond traditional organizational boundaries is at the heart of my Collaboratory research. My educational interest in this context is about creating and facilitating effective learning spaces that enable the personal values-based connection that is crucial for adopting a different stance when considering the role of business in society. Overcoming cognitive barriers is key in enabling the organizational change and this is, in my view, how responsibility and sustainability interconnect.

Books, articles and other resources

You can find all available resources here.

You can also access my scientific articles directly on Google Scholar or Research Gate and find my thoughts provoking insights for change makers on the Positive Impact Blog. A best-of list of my blogs can be found here.


Facilitator & Coach
Enabling changemakers and their impact projects

I am particularly good in enabling fresh & open dialogue and a space full of positive energy. I also coaches responsible leaders to become positive changemakers and help their multi-staleholder project thrive.  I moderate


  • sessions

  • events

  • stakeholder groups

  • teams

Examples of Facilitation Events

October 24, 2019

Moderator of a multi-stakeholder dialogue around reducing the CO2 footprint

Creating a powerful and safe space for experts and concerned stakeholders to share insights, view and best practices in order to create joint new approaches and a shared agenda on how to reduce the CO2 footprint in the local Swiss milk production at the farm level. 

September 02, 2019

Facilition of a week-long strategic leadership retreat of the Findhorn Foundation stewardship circle

Designed the three-level development process (at the individual, team and larger purpose levels) for the leadership team and held the space for the transformational strategic work to happen while building trust and cohesion.

More on facilitation here.

Katrin inspired attendees at our event to push the SDGs forward by becoming a social impact company. Startups, corporates and NGOs were motivated to take a step further in sustainable development and build partnerships.

Fanny Hofbauer

Project lead Circle17

respACT Austrian Business Council

for Sustainable Developement

Educator & Learning Designer
Creating powerful and safe learning experiences


I am providing effective classroom interaction and dynamic learning on the topics of:

  • sustainability

  • organizational change

  • responsible leadership

  • social innovation

  • business of the future

In 2011, I co-created  the Diploma in Advanced Sustainability (DAS) with Thomas Dyllick and jointly directed it ever since. The DAS enables participants to comprehend and respond to global challenges from the perspective of business as a force for good.

Through the Institute for Business Sustainability, I also offer online Master Classes to changemakers and business sustainability consultants and professionals.

I you wish to have a tailor-made on-demand training and/or facilitation at universities and businesses in Europe, please contact me.

You have built an amazing program that created a key professional year for me. I learned to live my values, to dare, to explore my strengths and „tame“ my weaknesses.

Eglantine Eeckout

Change Facilitator

The Shift

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