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Consultants Pool

We are delighted to be working with the following confirmed business sustainability consultants. They have all graduated from our Diploma in Advanced Sustainability program and are fully equiped to embrace the strategic challenges your organization may have.

Andreas Bosshard_net.png

Andreas Bosshard

Andreas is passionate about enabling companies to shift to sustainable practices concerning environmental and social criteria. For the last twelve years,he supported change and development among individuals and communities as a pastor. Furthermore, he is a professional in the chemical industry and an experienced teacher. His strengths include transformation through co-creative engagement, storytelling, and strategic networked thinking.


He holds a master's degree in Theology from the University of Zurich and has recently successfully completed a CAS in Non profit Leadership from the FHNW and a DAS in Business Sustainability from the IBS.


Lately, he was part of a consulting team to elaborate an SDG-based sustainability strategy and a lighthouse project for a Swiss multinational company in the mobility sector.

Anna Hausser_net.png

Anna Hausser

Anna supports organizations in their transition towards business sustainability by integrating sustainability into their strategy and facilitating the implementation of SDG-based projects. She has an international experience of over 18 years acquired with leading companies mainly from the financial services, insurance and chemicals sector in corporate development, strategy, management consulting, project management, business and digital transformation. Prior to that, she has also been a successful entrepreneur for 6 years.


Anna holds a Master of Business Administration from ESSEC Business School-Cornell University. She has completed Cum Laude the Diploma in Advanced Sustainability by the IBS in 2021.


Recently, she has been part of a team to develop SDG-ased strategic innovations to create new revenue opportunities for a leading Swiss company in the mobility sector.

Ludovica neu net_clipped.png

Ludovica Reina

Ludovica has an international experience of over 20 years acquired with leading companies as a manager and board member in the Food & Beverage and Finance sectors. Currently, she is an engaged investor and shareholder in the F&B industry, where she champions the development of new sustainable businesses. Her expertise lies in strategic business development and project management, focusing on designing and implementing market innovation.


She holds an MSc. Cum Laude in Economics and Management and has completed the Diploma in Advanced Sustainability at the IBS, the Strategies for Leadership Programme at IMD, Lausanne and various courses in marketing and strategic formulation at the Bocconi University, Milan.


In the financial sector, she recently developed a by-spoken, sustainability framework in collaboration with a multifunctional team to embed the UN’s sustainable development goals into the responsible citizenship strategy of a leading Swiss Private Bank.


Petra Hagenbuch Marazzi

Petra’s heart beats for a sustainable retail and consumer goods industry. She has a strong background in consulting with over ten years in strategic advisory in the role of an associate partner and supports her clients in developing impact- and meaningful sustainability strategies and transparency tools as an independent advisor. She also adds experience from the financial sector.


She holds a master in finance and capital markets from the University of St. Gallen, has passed all CFA levels and complemented her finance background with her postgraduate degrees, a DAS in business sustainability from the IBS and a diploma in commercial textiles from the Swiss Textile College (STF).


She recently developed a financial valuation model with a team to define supplier sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dorothee Lötscher_clipped.png

Dorothee Lötscher


As a Geographer and Sociologist at Master level, Dorothee is a dedicated expert in sustainability topics with a passion to initiate partnerships across sectors and stakeholder groups. Based on her DAS in Business Sustainability and her MAS in Development Cooperation, she has a solid experience in defining and monitoring sustainability metrics.


During fifteen years in international cooperation Dorothee has specialized in facilitating strategic change processes and value chain management. For example, Dorothee has had the strategic responsibility for programmes linking value chains and financial services to end-producers, and lead a global multi-stakeholder dialogue on the role of private sector in rural advisory services.


Recently, Dorothee developed a framework to valuate environmental business cases in a pharmaceutical value chain.

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Feel free to reach out and tell us how we can help you.

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