Research at the Institute for Business Sustainability is funded through international research burseries available throught international research collaborations. 


An important element of the research is to continuously advance

the latest thinking shared in our educational programs, in order

to maintain the leading edge of sustainability and transformational practices.  

Research is conducted at the three levels of responsibility (the I, the we, the all-of-us), as outlined below. The research line below shows the complementarity of  Thomas Dyllick and Katrin Muff. 

Below you can find  resources from the Institute for Business Sustainability



Five Superpowers for Co-creators

Author: Katrin Muff. 2018.

Published by Routledge Publishing

Case Studies

Early Business Sustainability

Advanced Business Sustainability

True Business Sustainability




Clarifying the Meaning of Sustainable Business: Introducing a Typology from Business-as-Usual to True Business Sustainability

Dyllick, Thomas & Muff, Katrin. 2016

Organization & Environment. Vol. 29, No. 2, 2016, 156-174

Towards True Product Sustainability

Dyllick, Thomas & Rost, Zoe. 2017

Journal of Cleaner Production, 162

How to apply responsible leadership theory in practice: A competency tool to collaborate on the sustainable development goals

Muff, K, Liechti, A, Dyllick, T. 2020

Corporate Social Responsible Environment Management. 27: 2254– 2274

The Gap Frame - Translating the SDGs into relevant national grand challenges for strategic business opportunities

Muff, K., Kapalka, A., Dyllick, T. 2017

The International Journal of Management Education. 15, 2017, 363-383

Developing globally responsible leaders in business schools: A vision and transformational practice for the journey ahead

Muff Katrin. 2013

The Journal of Management Development. 32

SDGs – the chance to embed true sustainability into corporate strategy

Muff Katrin. 22.06.2017

La vie Economique (Gestion responsable des entreprises: implication réelle ou simple affaire d’image ?)

Die Suche nach Nachhaltigkeit

Dyllick Thomas. 16.12.2015

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Themen und Thesen), Nr. 292, 29


Step by step towards a sustainable world

Birkenmeier Anna. 30.06.2017

Swiss Confederation's Green Economy Dialogue (Green economy in action)

Verantwortungsvolle Unternehmensführung und die Sustainable Development Goals

Muff Katrin. 2019

Verantwortungsvolle Unternehmensführung im österreichischen Mittelstand, 29-40


Produktlabels sind bedeutende institutionelle Innovationen

Zaslawski Valerie. Interview with Dyllick Thomas. 23.11.2013.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Themen und Thesen), Nr. 220, 50


Umweltmanagementsysteme: Eine Bilanz

Dyllick Thomas. August 2007

Umwelt Perspektiven, Nr 4


Die Stimme der nächsten Generation

Stehr Christoph. Interview with Dyllick Thomas. May 2020

Personalmagazin Plus: MBA 2020 (Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung), 10-11


50+20 Management Education for the World: PART 1: Designing a Radically New Vision of Management Education

Muff, K., Dyllick T., Drewell, M., North, J., Shrivastava, P. and Haertle J. May - June 2013

The European Business Review (Business Education), 15-19


50+20 Management Education for the World: PART 2: Understanding the Core of the Vision

Muff, K., Dyllick T., Drewell, M., North, J., Shrivastava, P. and Haertle J. July - August 2013

The European Business Review (Management), 59-63



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