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Professional consultancy projects are an integral part of the Diploma in Advanced Sustainability.

Professional Consulting Project in Business Sustainability

The Diploma of Advanced Sustainability (DAS) includes a 10-month consulting project in business sustainability with a real company and consulting contract in the area of business sustainability. The project consists of approximately 250 hours and replaces the traditional thesis. It significantly complements the academic courses, ensuring that you have not only acquired a broad expertise in sustainability but also completed a complex, real-life consulting project during your studies.

Consulting projects in business sustainability are provided by organizations typically based in Switzerland. They include a wide range of strategically relevant challenges in product development, purchasing, supply chain, market analysis, labeling, employer branding, and communications.


Projects are assigned to small, multi-faceted teams of 3-5 course participants. Teams are mentored by experienced faculty members, providing continuous support and feedback throughout the program. The project is to be completed between October and June with two intermediate presentations in May and in August, and the final presentation in June.

Please note that the Certificate in Business Sustainability (CAS) does not include a consulting project in business sustainability but a personal impact project on which participants work independently with support from our leadership coaches. 

Feedback from consulted companies

Our corporate partners of the sustainability projects are sharing how they have experienced working with our mid-career level course participants:  

Felix Harrer (Lidl)
Duncan Pollard (Nestlé)
Gerold Schatt (Emmi)

More about the Consulting projects and the companies

Participants of the DAS program can select among at least 3 exciting sustainability projects. On various topis. More about the topics here.  

Ikea - Professional Consulting Project in Business Sustainability
Zurich Insurance
laubscher Professional Consulting Project in Business Sustainability
Johnson & Johnson
Emmi Professional Consulting Project in Business Sustainability
Coca Cola Switzerland project
Ernst Schweizer AG project
Unilever - project
Losinger Marazzi Diploma of Advanced Sustainability (DAS)
Alternative Bank
Barry Callebaut
HP Hewlett Packard - DAS Company Project
Emerell Diploma of Advanced Sustainability (DAS)
Die Post
Impact Hub
Nestlé - DAS Company Project
Julius Bär Diploma of Advanced Sustainability (DAS)
Lafarge Holcim DAS Company Project
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