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Executive Program Application

Experience inter-active and applied learning among like-minded change makers. 

Application for the DAS Diploma / CAS Certificate

Congratulations on having made the choice to apply to this unique program!


Before starting the application process, please ensure that you have the following documents ready to be uploaded:

(a) updated CV

(b) portrait photo

(c) valid passport or identity card. 


We will ask for a copy of your highest degree and the accompanying transcript, as well as a recommendation letter after we have reviewed your application. If you wish, you can already prepare these and submit them to us at your convenience in the correspondence that will follow. 

You will also be required to pay an application fee of CHF 180, so ensure to have your credit card information at hand.


There is no need for your motivation letter at this point - we will discuss your motivation to join and fit with the program during an one-hour skype interview.


You will need to complete all fields here below to submit your application. If you encounter difficulties in the process, feel free to contact us.

Application form

Thanks for submitting!

Application form
Upload your CV
Upload your portrait photo
Upload your passport page

After a successful interview, you will be requested to provide:

- 1 recommendation letter

- A copy of your highest degree

For the moment, this is not required for your ease and convenience. 

An application fee of CHF 180 is mandatory to treat your application and to offer you a one-hour interview with one of the program directors to assess the fit between your expectations and what the program delivers. Creating a powerful class is what we specialize in and spending time understanding who you are is what makes this program the unique transformation experience it is. 


We reserve the right to change or modify in part or completely any course description and/or program element in the interest of all parties concerned, or to cancel the course in case of insufficent number of applicants up to two weeks prior to course start. 

By submitting this application, I acknowledge that I understand and accept the above conditions. I shall fully adhere to the Terms & Conditions (see download option) of the program. I also confirm that the information entered and submitted by myself herewith are correct. 


Thank's for submitting your application. You will hear from us in the next few days with our review and potential next steps.

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