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We provide leading-edge education, research and free tools for change makers and sustainability leaders

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We contextualize the risks and opportunities for business in this fast-changing landscape of environmental, social and economic challenges by highlighting the mindset shift from seeing sustainability as risk to discovering the sizable opportunities to seize. 

We have coined the term inside-out vs. outside-in to explain this mindset shift, and we have developed the Business Sustainability Typology that differentiates greenwashing from true business sustainability. We have introduced the term "positive impact"  and have published about how Positive Impact Organizations differentiate themselves from traditional companies. Most recently, Katrin Muff published a book featuring the Positive Impact Mindset, a easy-to-read book about how to work together in polarized times. A "must read" according to Otto Scharmer.


We also apply our thinking to custom-made request; we have developed the concept for  the Green CEO Impact Rating for the Green Business Switzerland. 

Are you interested in exploring ideas with us? Simply reach out to us for an e-coffee or a real one!

Sustainability consulting projects (in conjunction with our exec education)

A consumer proposal for living in a 2000-Watt building


New business opportunities

based on the SDGs


A hub to address social challenges

in the logistics chain

Losinger Marazzi Diploma of Advanced Sustainability (DAS)
Lafarge Holcim DAS Company Project
Unilever - project

Business opportunities based on true business sustainability

New revenue opportunities based on solving societal challenges

An implementation strategy based on True Business Sustainability

Ikea - Professional Consulting Project in Business Sustainability
Ernst Schweizer AG project

Reducing critical water scarcity of agricultural raw materials

Ensuring sustainability and traceability in the Sugarcane Supply Chain 

A roadmap for implementing sustainable procurement 

Emmi Professional Consulting Project in Business Sustainability
Barry Callebaut
Die Post

An inclusive recycling solution for South America

A Circular Economy

Business Model

Increasing the value recovery in recycled IT equipment


Coca Cola Switzerland project
HP Hewlett Packard - DAS Company Project

The Sustainable Banking Scorecard: Rating Criteria Assets as Triple Bottom Line

Exploring financial mechanisms to unlock environmental sustainability supply-chain investments

Developing a roadmap for using impact valuation

Alternative Bank
Johnson & Johnson
Nestlé - DAS Company Project

Opportunities for sustainable insurance propositions

Integration of sustainability into the acquisition process

The cleantech industry as a future market opportunity

Zurich Insurance
Emerell Diploma of Advanced Sustainability (DAS)
laubscher Professional Consulting Project in Business Sustainability

The IBS's Katrin Muff’s contribution provided a new perspective of how to embed the SDGs into our business. She not only challenged our leadership team but also provided inspiring strategic suggestions of solid value.

Stefan Grafenhorst
Head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility


Recent clients

Multi-player transformation process innovation:

Leadership development in service of positive impact (SDGs):


Organizational development & agile innovation:


Inspirational keynote contributions for sustainability innovation strategies:

IBS client Mobile Basel
IBS client Greiner
IBS client RobecoSam

Positive impact concept development: 

Positive Impact Consulting: 

IBS client Green Business Switzerland

Leading-edge educational offer for sustainability leadership:

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Free Tools for Practice

We bridge the gap between theory and practice and translate research and conceptual work in the area of business sustainability into concrete tools for business practitioners.


Research for Impact

We conduct conceptual research in the area of business sustainability, individual and organizational transformation, stakeholder engagement, sustainability business strategy. Articles, books, videos and more to discover.

About us

Enabling organizations, leaders and changemakers to create positive impact for society and the world

An independent, innovative institute providing relevant education and research insights.

Internationally renowned sustainability experts and thought leaders, hosting an innovative community of changemakers

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