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Our inspirational positive impact framing informs our educational offer and contributes to purposeful projects, and partners.

What we do

Thought leadership

We contextualize business sustainability in this fast-changing times by pointing out the importance to see the opportunity rather than only risk that the current challenges represent.

We have coined the term inside-out vs. outside-in to explain this mindset shift, and we have developed the Business Sustainability Typology to differentiate greenwashing from true business sustainability.


We have introduced the term "positive impact"  and have published about how Positive Impact Organizations differentiate themselves from traditional companies.


Katrin Muff's latest book "The Positive Impact Mindset" is about how to work together in polarized times. A "must read" according to Otto Scharmer.

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Sustainability Leadership Education 

DAS Alumni
Sharpen your impact and purpose

Understand the sustainability opportunity

and your positive impact

Online Class
Add new skills to
your portfolio

Convenient online learning at your own pace


Free Tools for Practice

We bridge the gap between theory and practice and translate research and conceptual work in the area of business sustainability into concrete tools for business practitioners.


Research for Impact

We conduct conceptual research in the area of business sustainability, individual and organizational transformation, stakeholder engagement, sustainability business strategy. Articles, books, videos and more to discover.

About us

Contributing inspirational positive impact reframing for strategic overview in a world of rapid change. 

An independent, innovative institute providing relevant education and research insights.

Internationally renowned sustainability experts and thought leaders, hosting an innovative community of changemakers

Our partners
UN Global Compact Network Switzerland
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Partner Experts' Dialog

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Endorser of Leadership Education

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