The Institute focusses on bridging the gap between theory and practice and translates its research and conceptual work in the area of business sustainability into concrete tools.

How to shift from inside-out to outside-in

True Business Sustainability is a typology to orient businesses in their sustainability journey, offering a roadmap for business to become a force for good.

The PositiveImpact.Space is a platform designed to for sustainability professionals to meet, learn, share and develop their sustainability competencies.

How changemakers can maximise their positive impact

How businesses can innovate strategic sustainable opportunities

SDGXCHANGE is a strategic innovation tool that unlocks the potential of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into business opportunities.

How multi-stakeholder groups can prioritize their actions

The GAPFRAME is a framework that translates the SGDs into key measures for nations and regions, outlining the gap of where we are today versus where we need to be so that all of us can live well on our planet.

How leaders can become more responsible

The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership (CARL) is a quick online assessment, which generates a responsible leader profile around five competencies and three domains of action.


We also work on external projects for which we are commissioned. 

A great example is the creation of a framework for a new CEO Impact Rating for Switzerland, initiated by the Schweizerische Umweltstiftung and their Schweizer Umweltpreis. This new rating, which for a first time assesses the impact a CEO and his organization have on society and the environment, will be launched in 2021 and published by the BILANZ as a world premiere.

To date CEO ratings assume that the company performance equals the CEO performance. Our framework differentiates between the two and furthermore looks at the impact beyond traditional shareholders and stakeholders, to measure a broader impact and contribution to society. 


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